Tracking Gambling by sport

Betting on football, baseball and basketball each hit on an all-time high in Nevada at 2017, according to the UNLV Center for Gambling Research. The landscape has changed substantially in recent decades.
Even though the amount of money bet yearly on soccer over the past four years has stayed relatively flat, last year’s soccer share was 36 percent, the lowest rate since at least 1992, once the state started making sport-specific statistics available.
Baseball in 2017 made more than 23 percent of the general swimming pool, the most for this sport since generating 25% in 2001.
The »other » category, including hockey, soccer and many different sports, composed a record 9 percentage of betting last year, doubling the share it had in 2005. Casino operators have reported a rise in NHL gambling since the Vegas Golden Knights began play last autumn.
Basketball’s share has ranged from 28 to 31% for the previous six years, and the $1.48 billion wagered in 2017 was double the game’s 2011 betting.
U.S. revenue projections, post-PASPA
Eilers & Krejcik Gambling estimate the total annual earnings that controlled sports gambling would create in the U.S. during the first five decades of operation, assuming a full repeal of PASPA in early 2018. The projections are based on the study firm’s assumption that 32 states will authorize sports betting by 2023, if PASPA is repealed.
Nevada data breakdown
Nevada data breakdown Revenue from sports and racing pools combined to make up 2.15 percentage of Nevada’s entire casino floor-related revenue in 2017, according to the nation’s annual report on gambling, a figure that has witnessed little fluctuation in recent decades.

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