This time of the year it can be a little tricky figuring out who will be motivated to play with baseball. The Atlanta Braves’ focus at this time is staying healthy. They don’t want to overwork their pitching, but wish to be prepared to opt for the postseason. Last evening was one of those nights. The Braves are all NL East champions, therefore they’re going into October as champs.
The Los Angeles Dodgers have clinched the best record in the majors, so there is nothing to play for there as well. Nobody is threatening to grab them thus there isn’t much going on for them. The one thing they could improve on is possibly currently finishing with a better record than the Minnesota Twins. The Twins could have homefield advantage and have the better album When the Twins and Braves happened to meet at the World Series.
So there really isn’t a lot for the Braves to play for this week. The nearest race in the moment happens to be between Indians and the Rays. Those two clubs are playing important baseball, as the Rays go with a half game lead for the final wildcard from the American League. And so much as the Royals are worried, they are playing for nothing.
Other than getting some men encounter, there isn’t anything. The Braves are predicted to strike the Royals having a bullpen game tonight. He is going to have off, although mike Soroka was scheduled. Josh Tomlin is going to throw an inning or 2, then hand the ball off . Tomlin has not made a beginning since 2018. The Royals are expected to offset with Mike Montgomery. Head below for our free Braves vs. Royals select.
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Josh Tomlin has been active with the Braves this year, but not as a starting pitcher. They aren’t expected to give a workload that was complete to him tonight, except for the larger part of his career, Tomlin had been a starting pitcher at Cleveland. After flaming out using a 6.14 ERA, Tomlin was immediately transferred into the bullpen where he has remained ever since. Tomlin has made 49 appearences as a reliever for the Braves, submitting a respectable 3.82 ERA.
In 36 innings, he has posted an ERA of 4.50 and also 1.19 WHIP. The Royals have done nicely against Tomlin in his profession. So Tomlin is not anyone fresh, he was found lots by them in the AL Central when he had been with the Indians. The Royals are hitting on against .301 with 15 runs scored against Tomlin. Again this will be a bullpen match, so expect to see two innings from Tomlin. The Braves’ bullpen possesses a 4.23 ERA in 2019.
The Braves have scored 21 runs against Mike Montgomery in 125 at-bats. They know him best from his time in Chicago with the Cubs. Montgomery is becoming torched for the 8.31 ERA and 2.00 WHIP in his previous three outings. He allowed 12 runs in 13 innings for a fairly difficult time. Montgomery has a nice 2.51 ERA in Kansas City, but note his 1.42 WHIP and .348 OBP. He has had to battle his way out of jams and caught some breaks along the road. The Braves typically know how to take advantage with RISP. This looks like an OVER afternoon at Kauffman Stadium.

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