Surrey Storm manager of Netball Mikki Austin has revealed her excitement at the new additions she is made for her squad ahead of this 2020 Vitality Netball Superleague time, before asserting there is more to come.
Austin’s first year in charge last season saw Storm album an eighth-place finish, securing along with also the 26-year-old has hailed their’proactive’ summertime.
Storm have confirmed eight of the playing squad to the 2020 period, which includes three new signings that were exciting.
Austin’s side has been joined by northern Ireland Niamh Cooper from Kingsway in the Netball Northern Ireland League, although they secured Leah Middleton’s touch .
The Superleague winners also welcome Team Northumbria aim attack Sophie Hankin and former Saracens Mavericks to bolster their ring.
Storm’s appearance maker she’ll and Katy Hughes has now signed a new contract in the franchise to the 2020 campaign captain the side.
Yasmin Hodge-England and Emily Gulvin will be the newest players confirmed to be returning next time and with Austin also set to feature in a capacity, the director of Netball of Storm is delighted with their recruitment.
« We have made some really key additions in courtroom areas that I think will pay real benefits for us going forward next year, » Austin told Sky Sports.
« That’s really exciting to have this mix of returners and new faces from the mix. We have had eight players that have been declared today – we’ve drip-fed a few returners with some new ones which is great.
« This was a very long process from May time, therefore we were really proactive with this.
« We really wanted to make a huge push to retain the vast majority of our team and I’m really happy to say that we’ve done that. Seventy per cent of our squad this season are returners and I believe that is super important. »
With pre-season preparations before this All-Star Championships nicely underway that was Fast5, Austin insisted that it was critical to ensure their recruitment was completed whenever possible to ensure the side could focus on gelling as a component.
Even the 26-year-old also paid tribute to the spirit and mindset within her group also believes that it might be a critical factor in a Superleague year which promises to be quite competitive.
« I think that’s one thing we have been really smart with this season. Not only am I really happy with the athletes and also netballers that we have got, I’m more happy with the personalities and the people.
« There seems to be a straightforward mix with how girls interact with one another and their mentality right from the get-go was on exactly the identical page.
« I feel as if that is so promising moving forward and especially in the depths of March and April when you’re mid-season and very fatigued, having a excellent team-camaraderie is going to count for almost wins and losses this season, » she added.
While the debut of Cooper, Middleton and Hankin provides the Storm squad a fascinating refresh, they’ve maintained the core of their group – with Hughes in her role as captain.
The 38-year-old has been an ever-present in the Storm group since 2011 and she played a vital role in their own Superleague triumphs that are back-to-back at 2015 and 2016.
Austin admits that Hughes’ expertise and leadership qualities are invaluable and she shows that keeping vice-captain Parsons, as well as her captain’s services – was a priority.
« Katy Hughes was leading from the front as our captain last year and will last in that direction role next season with Yaz Parsons as her vice-captain, » Austin supported.
« I believe last season both of them actually took a lot of responsibility, Katy especially leading in the front and also in terms of her performances probably had one of their greatest years of Netball I have seen Katy play.
« She actually flourished with taking on this responsibility and that I explained to the girls when it came to re-signing, they were essentially the first two in my list.
« I’d no reason to not re-sign them and surely no reason not to have them last lead. They get what I am about and to me.
« They truly care about this squad as well as the badge and what that signifies. I’m so thankful to have their backing and have them back into our group. »
But more arrivals has teased over the coming weeks and months and she’s adamant that the additions will play a critical part.
« There’s still a couple of newbies to incorporate in the mix and a few that I am rather excited about and they’ve slotted into our coaching surroundings well.
« I think that they’re likely to spearhead and lead from the front in terms of their leadership and their experience on courtroom also, which we’ve seen with the team being as tight as it was last year – that can be the difference between you winning and winning  »
Sky Sports is the house of netball and it returns to your screens shortly, while the Roses return to actions that is televised under Jess Thirlby when they see South Africa in November, starting with all the British Championships on Saturday, October 12.

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