A week brings stakes for the Minnesota Twins in their quest for the AL Central. Having said this, they are feeling quite comfy with a lead on the Indians. The Twins go into Monday with a 4.5-game, since we go into the last two weeks of the regular season. The Cleveland Indians, their AL Central foes, are only trying to find a wildcard. It’s a tricky spot.
They’re 1.5 games behind the Rays and things aren’t looking so hot for these. Cleveland are currently coming off two of three declines from the Twins. They prevented a sweep using a 7-5 triumph on Sunday, but it will not place much of a dent at the Twins’ lead. The Indians needed that show and they came. The Twins would need to do a choke job that is nice to dismiss this lead in the AL Central.
It would need to call for the Indians getting hot, which they’ve had trouble. The Reds move nowhere and traded for Yasiel Puig, having to end up finding a team who wanted to exchange for him. He landed in Cleveland and the Indians aren’t going anywhere. His contract probably isn’t worth the inconvenience, although I really don’t think that it’s a manifestation of Puig. The Dodgers are doing just fine without Puig in their lineup.
The White Sox have not been playing well and endured a wild 11-10 reduction against the Mariners. That made it two out of a list of 1-4 and 3 wins for the Mariners in his previous five games. The White Sox enter over the season with a listing of 65-84. They may not be far away from being a spoiler from the AL Central, although it isn’t much to be thrilled about.
Do not anticipate a championship, although they could be a group worth keeping an eye on. That’s going to have to come with pitching. Reynaldo hasn’t been helping the trigger in 2019. He’ll Find the nod tonight. Head below for our complimentary White Sox vs. Twins select.
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Reynaldo Lopez was expected to have a effort in 2019. After hitting on a career-high within his first full season as a rookie in 22, the office had high hopes for him. Lopez was average with an ERA of 3.91 in 32 starts. The thought was that he went to have a season in 2019.
With a full year of experience under his belt, the only real place to go was up, so the White Sox thought in March. Lopez goes into this competition with the ERA of 5.35 and 1.45 WHIP. Matters have continued to get worse to him personally too. He has posted an 8.16 ERA and 1.47 WHIP in his previous three contests. For 6 earned runs, Lopez was allowed in two of those three outings.
Lopez has surrendered 13 runs in his last 14.1 innings of work. He has not been too hot in the street, with a 5.60 ERA and 1.46 WHIP at 80.1 innings pitched. The Twins have gone on Lopez for 6 home runs and 23 runs scored in 97 plate appearences. Together with homefield advantage in this one, expect that the Twins to have the ability to exploit Lopez in this one. Minnesota are 2nd in the majors with a mean of 5.79 runs scored per contest.
Berrios is coming off a dominant performance within the Nationals. He was hot with just two strikes and no runs allowed. The No. 1 pitcher in the Twins’ rotation had been rather mediocre before that effort, therefore it was a fantastic method to get back on course. Berrios has generally been hot at home. He retains an ERA of 3.32 at 84 innings. Using all the home crowd behind them, look for the Twins to delight in a triumph by at least 2 runs in this one.

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